Have you ever met an artist whose offstage persona is quite unlike the wild woman she becomes onstage? If so, then you know the type of creative individual that I speak of. Every now and then, there comes along an artist that has a peculiar mix of the unknown and the familiar, of humility and inner resilience, of tender surrender and potent persuasiveness. This is Elee.

Elee is an artist who creates music from emotion, who does not allow the rap genre to limit her scope of expression, often blending her fiesty yet laid back wordplay seamlessly with melodies that launch the songs to new heights of perception. Being a writer, intrigued when words come together to form a beautiful design capable of conveying the most elusive emotion, the most cinematic scene, Elee takes the audience into the character of a witty storyteller and strategic seductress. With every popping dance move, facial expression and onstage gesture that are akin only to this artist, Elee wholeheartedly brings her music's energy into the audience. To further her craft in saturating an audience with her energy, Elee has begun rehearsing and playing out with her band in order to "bring the music to life".

Erika "Elee" Grooms is from Birmingham, AL and later moved to Atlanta, GA to attend college and further pursue a career in music. In 2007, Elee released her first single titled "Oowee", which found its way onto mixshows in Birmingham and Huntsville and onto online radio shows across the country carving out a fanbase stretching from the Carolinas to Chicago.

Elee later crafted an incredibly artistic video for the song. The video is posted online and was featured on Ozonemag.com. "If you follow the who's who in underground music, then you should be familiar with Elee. If not, take the time to get to know her – she's creative, as you can see from her video concept." - Miss Rivercity, Ozone Magazine. In 2008, Elee's first project, "Molasses for the Masses" was independently released and received mention in Ozone Magazine and garnered great reviews on SOHH.com. "Molasses for the Masses is a mixtape for every woman and girl in Anytown, USA. From the single OooWee - #5 to my favorites Catch Me - #6 and Losin Control - #14 it's good music."- SOHH

Her second mixtape "Initiate Overflow" was digitally released in January 2011. "It's Gettin Real" is the single off her third project "Dance In The Rain". Add to Elee's writing the fact that she is a performer in every sense of the word, and you have a formidable individual who resonates in the hearts and mind of those who experience her.